Looking to offer Facebook & Instagram Automotive Inventory Ads for your agency?

We simplify this process and give you the confidence to deliver this with your clients.

Turn Inventory Into Ads Automatically

We turn your inventory feed into Facebook & Instagram Automotive Inventory Ads automatically which finds new in-market shoppers and retargets existing website shoppers.

Increase Website Visitors & Leads

We link Facebook & Instagram shoppers directly to your vehicle detail pages (VDP) helping increase the quality of your visitors which results in higher leads for your customers on your existing forms and lead conversion tools.

Increase Profit Center

Increase your average customer value by adding an complementary product to your portfolio. Help your customers maximize their investment in your amazing conversion tool. It just makes sense!


We make it easy to get the Facebook tracking pixel on automotive websites (over 100 supported) and AIA event tracking. Track website shoppers and behavior including VDP visits and leads. Plus we can dynamically capture leads on Facebook and send leads directly to any dealers CRM using ADF XML, email, or API.

Centralized Management & Reporting

Easily manage all of your clients in one platform. Get alerts when a page is revoked, inventory is inaccurate, website pixel is not firing as expected and more. Quickly see reports and funnel statistics so you can ensure your ads are running a peak

Post to Facebook Marketplace

Want to get your dealers inventory listed on Facebook Marketplace? Now you can. BuyerBridge is an approved whitelist Facebook Marketplace Inventory Partner and we help you post and report on Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace Chatbot

Increase leads with Facebook Marketplace Inquires answered by BuyerBridge Chatbot. Send leads directly to your dealerships CRM so you can log, route, and increase lead flow for your clients.

Meetups & Account Team

Every other month the BuyerBridge Team will deliver educational content, industry updates, and Facebook insider information. We stand behind our partners and want you to expand your business and lower churn.

Integrate your tools and systems with BuyerBridge

Connect your CRM, website, feed provider, and favorite reporting platforms - right within BuyerBridge

"Utilizing the BuyerBridge ad tech automation & reporting dashboard has simplified the integration process for our new clients.The robust reporting analytics and consumer lead information strengthen our client relationships with real-time data points. Validating their monthly advertising budget by eliminating any doubt!"

– Jay Meyer

"As a long time partner, the Buyerbridge dashboard has been a game changer! Saves tons of time with all the inventory data and analytics in one place. Onboarding new dealers has simplified tremendously and keeps us informed at every stage of the process."

–Shane Meenach, Wheeler Dealer360

"The Buyer Bridge platform has been an integral component to our agency and our client success. For the past two years their support structure has paired perfectly to fit our needs and has helped our clients stay ahead of a changing marketing dynamic within the automotive industry. With their support, we feel confident that our data is correct and trouble free. This solid platform is the basis for our effective marketing campaigns month after month."

–Scott Schubel, JLS Automotive Marketing

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