What digital agencies can offer to help small business owners right now
Written by: Alpha Fred
April 17, 2020
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As the novel coronavirus continues to wreak havoc all over the world, countries have placed their nation under maximum alert, and are implementing all sorts of rules to deal with this epidemic. When it comes to dealing with a deadly virus such as this, the lives and safety of people take priority above everything else. Business and government agencies are all doing their best to encourage people to avoid causing crowds and hitting up their usual public venues.

With the virus still lingering around and potentially spreading onto others, consumers are remaining inside in hopes of minimizing this virus and protecting their family and themselves. The usual behavior exhibited by people is radically changing, with people not only enduring at home instead of going to work but restaurants, stores, and other public venues where they would typically visit for fun. With customers residing indoors and filling their time online, digital agencies have increasingly become a small business best way to remain relevant during this epidemic.

Now more than ever, digital agencies are aware that small businesses require some guidance and support. With plenty of them having lost clients over time due to many of their usual clients trying to save up on their business finances, they’ll have plenty of time and room to help your small business prosper during these trying times. Some digital agencies are even doing their part by providing deals for small business owners, so taking advantage of these offerings will help in the long run.

Digital agencies are experts at making sure small businesses can get their presence out there, and that’s why you should be aware of what these digital agencies can do to help small business owners during this dealing epidemic. Let’s go over several things, shall we?


Customers are currently online

At this very moment, plenty of your current and potential customers are spending a considerable amount of time online. They are browsing through social media platforms to stay up to date with the latest news and staying in touch with those closest to them. This is the perfect time to reach out to these customers since the number of people who would be interested in your products are all in one place for a long time. Chances are, these customers may even be searching for a business like yours, but they aren’t quickly finding it, and they are most likely ending up in the hands of the competition.

The business world has changed, and people are taking an interest in brands by finding them through the internet. Regardless of what your small business is selling, your potential customers will become curious about your brand, and the first move they’ll make is looking for you online and see what others have to say about your business.

Meaning, these customers are going to expect to find an online presence, such as a social media profile or website. They’ll be searching for reviews left by previous customers so they can learn what they have to say about your business and if it’s a quality place to conduct business.

If those customers are having a hard time finding information about your small business, they may decide to pass on your business for another instead. There’s a high probability that plenty of potential customers will not take your business seriously, making you lose out on potential revenue and brand awareness.

Digital agencies are filled with experts who are capable of helping small business owners spread the awareness of their brand. Whether you decide to spread your business locally or internationally, they can come up with the appropriate strategy to spread the word of your brand and ensure your online presence is available for both existing and potential customers.


Improve your business

Digital agencies have the appropriate skills required to take your business from top to bottom. Their accumulated expertise as marketers and advertisers allows them to evaluate a small business brand’s needs and come up with a strategy capable of maximizing profits. These experts will work alongside the business owner to improve efficiency and productivity, By onboarding them for assistance, you’ll be capable of defining your current objectives and setting goals that can ensure you survive during this epidemic.

Furthermore, the concentration on gathering data and targeting is necessary to define your target customers, which is usually more specific than what most businesses will have at the moment. Hiring a digital agency shall ensure you are aware of who your ideal buyers are and assess their purchasing journey. Once you’ve finally learned what your foremost target audience wants, you’ll have to consider what your messaging and benefits should be when contacting your potential customers. The selling proposition should be aligned with the buyer since that will help establish a connection with the people who are making purchases from your business.


Cost and effectiveness

Many people consider hiring a digital agency to be an expensive decision to make. That hasn’t been a fact for quite a long while, thanks to the massive expansion of the internet. While only some of the top companies were capable of affording these agencies, small business owners would need to stick to placing ads on their local newspaper to get the word out. Fortunately, with everyone jumping online and gathering on social media sites, spreading the word of your company has become simpler and more affordable. Digital agencies have expanded their customer base to even small businesses and have provided massive assistance to these owners in need of spreading awareness to their business.

Everyone is currently stuck online and trying their best to endure this current situation. With the amount of social media platforms available online, it has become somewhat difficult to spread your message to potential customers. In this day and age, small business owners can easily create a social media profile for their business and post whenever they want for free. Plenty of digital agencies have come up with the best strategies and methods that are openly available for small business owners to use if they manage to understand the information.

Although, while certain parts of spreading your small business online are quite easy to understand and implement yourself, there is still a handful of challenging ones. That’s why, for a much thorough job, getting a digital agency to help you out is a smart move. Even though you’ll be spending money during these trying times, the cost-per-lead will be much cheaper than any other method of marketing your business. Plus, the return in your investment will be completely worth it once the epidemic has started to slow down, and our way of life normalizes.


Adjust your strategy

Tons of situations have occurred because of a direct or indirect influence of the coronavirus. With people being encouraged to follow the steps provided by the CDC to ensure the spread of the virus does not occur, there has been a shortage of certain supplies, such as hand sanitizer and other similar products. Tons of work culture is being temporarily restricted as businesses rise to deploy mandatory work from home policies, and travel and tourism are being completely halted because of temporary travel bans being placed due to massive causes of the virus.

Far too many things have changed, leading to many people becoming stressed out. However, the best thing anyone can do as a small business owner is to search for ways to move on forward and soothe the nerves of customers as best we can by having clear and concise messaging about the situation.

Trying to make sure the ads are up-to-date is crucial at the moment. If the business is providing an essential item that is currently popular and flying off the shelves, small business owners will need to ensure they are not advertising products that have run out of stock. The risk of showing any ads for a product that is no longer in stock will lead to an adverse reaction for a long time.

Digital agencies are capable of providing ways for you to adjust your current strategy if need be. While you may have been savvy enough to set up your own campaign to spread the word of your small business, chances are some of those strategies are working in this current epidemic troubling us all. Not every company can smoothly transition over the way they are promoting their business, either because they naturally don’t have the appropriate knowledge to do so, aren’t sure how to implement it, or merely don’t have the time to do so.

Regardless of the reason, digital agencies can assist during these trying times and come up with ways of adjusting your current strategy. They’ll inform you of everything you need to know and what you can do to ensure your business continues to not only retain current customers but acquire new ones in the long run.

For example, let’s say you are running a mildly successful pizzeria that was doing quite well before this deadly virus ruined everyone’s year. Trying to get the word out that you are still running your place can be accessible by just making a post on Facebook. But, how do you assure your customers that you are doing everything you can to make sure the pizza doesn’t become tainted by the virus, What kind of measures is your business taking to ensure the customer doesn’t have to open their doors like usual during the delivery process?

While it may be simple to get it out there on your social media platform, you’ll want to make sure the message is clear. This can be quite a trick to pull off with how nervous people are of contracting this virus and potentially spreading it throughout their family members. Fortunately, digital agencies are experts at crafting the appropriate message and ensuring you manage to spread it effectively.


Increase ROI

One of the most necessary services a digital agency can provide a small business owner is a steady and reliable improvement in their return on investment (ROI). The higher an ROI is, the more profit the small business will be gaining. Making it a wholly justifiable reason to hire a digital agency, especially when getting enough money to keep your business running and playing your employees.

Some of the best digital agencies out there will always test out and rework their strategies to ensure your ROI manages to increase and improve the overall efficacy. The agency you hire will take a close look at your website traffic, determine the best online platforms that should be your business’s main center, and continually maintain the balance between the marketing activities and the results that are collected.

While it’s true that some of this can be solely done by you, take the time to consider what kind of people are hired by digital agencies. All sorts of experts on marketing strategies, managers, designers, and so on are brought on to work in these agencies. Hiring these agencies to assist your business will save you time and money during the long run. They’ll handle all of the heavy stuff while you concentrate on providing your customers with the necessary products they require during this current epidemic.



This deadly virus has managed to have a negative impact on every aspect of our communities, and ensuring you can provide your customers with safety should be your priority. Many businesses are being affected by this virus, and staying up to date with current events is crucial to maintain your operation fully functional. Digital agencies will be capable of handling your online presence and make sure your customers are aware of what your business is currently providing for them. This should allow you to focus on running your business throughout the day and ensure your staff and customers are in good health.

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Written By: Alpha Fred