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Push leads into any dealership CRM using ADF XML.

How to sync a Facebook Lead Ad to a dealership automotive CRM using ADF XML.

Are you looking to sync automotive leads from Facebook Lead Ads to an Automotive CRM system using ADFXML?

BuyerBridge makes it easy for agencies, vendors and large dealer groups to sync Facebook Lead Ads and Facebook Dynamic Leads Ads including Dynamic Lead Ads for Automotive to a dealers CRM system using ADF XML.

The following CRM Providers are fully supported by BuyerBridge:

  • CDK
  • Dealermine
  • DealerPeak
  • DealerSocket
  • Dominion
  • DriveCentric
  • IzmoCars Car Dealership CRM
  • Reynolds & Reynolds
  • VinSolutions
  • Any an all Automotive CRM’s using ADF XML standard lead format

We instantly connect any Lead Ad setup on a dealer Facebook Ad account to your dealership CRM. No manually setup.

Real-time monitoring of Facebook Leads. Push leads directly into your dealership CRM using ADF XML in real-time.

Reduce your setup time, reduce your lead response time, and increase your contact rate of Facebook Leads.

Get Lead Ads to ADF XML
No technical knowledge needed. No manual setup.

Inventory Providers

Pull inventory from any automotive inventory provider.

How to sync your dealership inventory to Facebook automatically?

Are you looking to sync a dealerships inventory to Facebook’s Product Catalog, Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads (formally Dynamic Ads for Automotive), or Facebook Marketplace?
BuyerBridge makes it easy to sync your inventory with Facebook Advertising Catalogs (Product Catalogs & Automotive Catalogs) and Facebook Marketplace.

The following Automotive Inventory Providers are supported by BuyerBridge:

  • AutoFunds
  • AutoLotManager
  • AutoMate
  • AutoRevo
  • AutoRevolution
  • AutoUplink
  • CarsForSale
  • Carweek
  • CDK Global
  • Dealer Peak
  • DealerCarSearch
  • DealerCenter
  • DealerCue
  • DealerFire
  • DealersLink
  • DealerSpecialties
  • DealerSync
  • eBizAuto
  • FinanceExpress
  • Frazer
  • HomeNet
  • Inventory Plus
  • Nexteppe
  • Promax
  • vAuto
  • VinSolutions
  • Wayne Reeves
  • Provider not listed? We are constantly adding new providers based on customer demand.

On average BuyerBridge can add a new provider within 10 business days and you can easily request a new feed provider on the Onboarding Form in BuyerBridge or by submitting a support ticket.

Website Providers

Install code and track users and leads on automotive websites.

Setup the Facebook Pixel and Automotive Events on a dealership website.

Are you looking to setup the Facebook Pixel on a dealerships website?

BuyerBridge makes it easy to get the Facebook Pixel and other code such as Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads onto automotive websites.

The following Automotive Website Providers are supported by BuyerBridge:

  • AutoAction
  • AutoLotManager
  • AutoRevo
  • CarCasm
  • CDK
  • Dealer InSite
  • DealerCarSearch
  • DealerCenter
  • DealereProcess
  • DealerFire
  • DealerInspire
  • DealerOn
  • DealerSync
  • eBizAuto
  • fusionZONE
  • Jazel Auto
  • Remora
  • Vervocity
  • VinAds
  • Wayne Reaves
  • Provider not listed? We are constantly adding new providers based on customer demand.

On average BuyerBridge can add a new provider within 10 business days.

You can easily request a new website provider during Onboarding within the BuyerBridge platform.

Reporting Platforms

Pull Facebook reports directly into your favorite reporting platform.

Your System

Pull Facebook reports directly into your favorite reporting platform.

Integrate your tools and systems with BuyerBridge

Connect your CRM, website, feed provider, and favorite reporting platforms - right within BuyerBridge

"Utilizing the BuyerBridge ad tech automation & reporting dashboard has simplified the integration process for our new clients.The robust reporting analytics and consumer lead information strengthen our client relationships with real-time data points. Validating their monthly advertising budget by eliminating any doubt!"

– Jay Meyer

"As a long time partner, the Buyerbridge dashboard has been a game changer! Saves tons of time with all the inventory data and analytics in one place. Onboarding new dealers has simplified tremendously and keeps us informed at every stage of the process."

–Shane Meenach, Wheeler Dealer360

"The Buyer Bridge platform has been an integral component to our agency and our client success. For the past two years their support structure has paired perfectly to fit our needs and has helped our clients stay ahead of a changing marketing dynamic within the automotive industry. With their support, we feel confident that our data is correct and trouble free. This solid platform is the basis for our effective marketing campaigns month after month."

–Scott Schubel, JLS Automotive Marketing

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